Leadership development

Support for leaders and managers in change management and daily challenges

Leadership and supervisor work takes time. Management and supervisor work have a direct impact on staff enthusiasm, motivation, performance, and well-being. The supervisor must therefore have sufficient skills, tools and support to carry out the task successfully. The supervisor's resilience must also be taken care of. Expectations for the superiors are diverse, coming from different quarters and are often demanding.

Continuous learning and development are characterized by growth. This is required of everyone, including management and supervisory work. The management team is often the pilot group, where it is good to start in order to get an idea of ​​how you want the organizational structures and models of working together to be in the future. It’s not just about leadership, it’s also about the management team looking into their work, how meetings, decisions, and communications are handled.

Although there is a self-directed and non-hierarchical organization to this day, certain structures always exist. Company's needs to have some kind of management model are determined. A top-level description is not enough, things need to be opened up. The organizational structure is always there, whatever it is, and it guides leadership, communication, and goal setting as well as reward models. Understanding this whole is the first step. Often, understanding first requires one’s own insight, an objective view, in order to be able to see outside the “management bubble”.

The next step is to involve everyone, from a self-management and/or supervisor perspective. Everyone has a joint responsibility for culture and success. Only with common operating models and clear communication and goals do we also ensure a unified staff experience. Culture eats strategies for breakfast, and brands for lunch. For this reason, it is particularly important to be aware of the importance of employee experience to the customer experience. Employee experience arises to a greater extent from culture, not from how something is recorded in practice, but from how we treat each other, lead, communicate and ensure that everyone has the necessary knowledge and understanding to do their job, achieve goals and develop.

Our HR consultants can help our customers' managers and leaders in e.g. the following topics:

  • A productive HR organization – how to make HR productive and efficient?
  • Business-driven and relevant HR metrics and reporting
  • Development of leadership culture and managerial work
  • Strategy as part of the daily management
  • Management and development of employee well-being
  • Support for managers in challenging managerial and change situations
  • Rewarding

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