Operative HR

Operative HR as the basis for organisational culture

Employee life cycle management is an essential part of HR management and there are several operational and statutory matters that need to be considered in the daily management of employment relationships.

As companies experience rapid growth, internal policies and guidelines are often left unwritten. Nonetheless, the internal policies should be carefully documented for two reasons:

  1. common policies and guidelines lay the ground for organisational culture and create shared practices and processes already from the beginning and
  2. it is much more difficult to change the policies and practices after the shared practices have already been formed.

Our HR consultants can help customers with e.g. these HR matters:

  • Employee handbooks (a combination of the collective labor agreement(s) requirements and the organisation’s own practices and policies in areas such as travelling, flexible working hours, social media guidelines, etc.)
  • Personnel and training plan
  • Gender equality and non-discrimination plan
  • Occupational health and safety (incl. occupational health care, occupational safety committee)
  • Employment documents, such as employment contracts and certificates
  • Employee benefit management (benefits related to lunch, phone, sports and culture, car etc.)
  • Personal information security matters (GDPR)

Several of these operational and statutory HR tasks and practices are time consuming if they have not yet been thought out and planned. Our HR professionals will take care of them in an efficient and flexible manner in cooperation with the customer.

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