Payroll & HR Advisor

The payroll process is one of HR's core processes. The smoothness and correctness are extremely important for personnel, financial management and leadership/management.

Staff and supervisors value the expert advice and support. For example in the event of a change in employment, financial management needs information on unused vacation days in order to establish vacation pay debt. Also management requires regular reports on staff payroll as a basis for decisions.

Even if the payroll service is outsourced, the company remains responsible for tasks such as collecting the material, ensuring its accuracy, and delivering the material to the payroll service provider in a timely manner. It is possible to outsource these payroll duties to Greenstep. The service is also suitable, even if the payroll is done as an internal service of the company.

Examples of Payroll Advisor’s duty:

Process review and automation

  • Employment life cycle (start, change, termination)
  • Working time and absence information
  • Annual leave

Salary data

  • Collection, inspection, approval and delivery


  • Maintenance and development of customer-owned systems together with a partner

Supporting the supervisors and staff in matters related to employment

  • Collective agreement, application of changes in the law, matters related to travel

Communication with external and internal stakeholders

  • Insurance company, occupational health care, Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Income register
  • Financial management, business owners, personnel

The Payroll and HR Advisor is responsible for the implementation of the payroll service, which, in addition to its own expertise, is backed up by the entire network of Greenstep's payroll and HR experts. The service aims to bring clarity to the payroll process and to perform regularly recurring and ad-hoc tasks related to the process on behalf of the company. Where possible, Payroll and HR Advisors can develop and streamline processes while respecting the company’s practices, taking into account industry best practices.

The service scales to the needs of the company, it can be part-time, temporary or full-time depending on the size or need of the company. Our Payroll and HR Advisors have been involved in developing the company's payroll processes as a project, acting as deputies in absence situations or being responsible for the entire payroll process as one member of the company's HR team. The task can include the above-mentioned tasks, but also, for example, acting as an HR system administrator or doing global HR reporting is successful. The service can also be combined with an operational HR Service.

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