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Interim resources for your needs

Companies may face situations where extra hands are needed – quickly. Greenstep's experienced experts are ready to take on during e.g. a business transformation or parental leave.


Interim CFO is a cost-efficient solution in a sudden situation

An interim resource (CFO, Head of HR, Business Controller) is an effective solution in a situation where you need an experienced person to take on the business management.

Usually the interim resource leads the company, the business, the project, or any crucial business sector, typically for 6-18 months. An interim leader operated always in relation with the personnel, customers and network, same way the permanent resources do.

An interim leader interim leadership are usually the best option in a sudden situation when the company is in a critical situation in terms of future success. In this kind of a situation, the company will need resources to take control of the situation fast and make the changes necessary. Interim leaders are often utilized for performing a turnaround as the fresh eyes usually see the whole pictures without blind spots.

Greenstep's interim leader and expert resources are extremely experienced business professionals. They have experience from many different fields and business situation both in local and international environment.


We offer versatile expertise in financial, HR, BI, training and sustainability management.

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Juho Pietilänaho 2019 V2

Interim CFO

An experienced expert is able to bring fresh ideas and perspective to the financial management and bring significant value to the future.

Kati Tuovinen Web4

Interim Head of HR

An interim HR leader will help the customer in with the chosen matters and extent both in operative and strategic HR management and adiministration issues.

Miia Alatalo Web

Interim Controller

Greenstep's experts have comprehensive experience from different fields and an ability to produce relevant information to speed up business management.


Interim Data Analyst

Greenstep's experienced Data Analysts response to urgent needs in developing analytics.

Heli Häyrynen Mv

Interim L&D Specialist

Greenstep provides Interim Training Services to all types of organisations, from growth companies to large listed companies. Clients can have our training consultants as part of their organisation for an agreed period, on a full-time or part-time basis, depending on their needs.

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Interim Sustainability Specialist

Utilize our experts as a part-time or interim resource to take care of your sustainability.