Expense claim processing

The efficiency achieved through the use of online expense claim processing provides substantial cost savings to companies. Furthermore, the user experience for the employees can be a lot more pleasing if the set up is conducted correctly.

Expense claim processes from the customer point of view can be divided into three steps:

  1. The process of creating an expense claim
  2. The process of reviewing an expense claim
  3. The process of reimbursing & accounting an expense claim

Furthermore the accountant has to make sure that the expense claims are accounted for correctly.

All of these processes have been polished. For creating and reviewing expense claims we have developed a mobile application, Bezala. From there receipts are sent straight into accounting, where the accountant can reimburse the expense claim and make sure that the accounting is done correctly.

All you have to do to get started with online expense claim processing is to contact us. After the first contact we will continue by:

  • Reviewing your needs and making sure that our software will meet them
  • Getting your company set up
  • Communicating with the users
  • Enjoying the benefits