Inventory Management

We help your company to improve inventory management, which improves both the optimal availability and use of products and raw materials, creating overall cost efficiency.

A significant amount of capital can be tied up in inventory. If it is not managed optimally in relation to production, the company's profitability deteriorates and there may not be the required products or raw materials in stock at the right time and in the right quantities. If a company is unable to respond optimally to customer demand, it will affect customer satisfaction and may even lead to a loss of potential sales.

Communication between sales, production, sourcing and finance plays a very important role in inventory management: Can sales orders be anticipated, what is promised to the customer in terms of delivery times, what is agreed with suppliers in terms of delivery times and quantities. The company's product strategy also plays an important role in inventory management. Are all products available year-round or is the business seasonal? Efficient and up to date product-level sales forecasting linked to production and sourcing lead times further improves inventory management.

In addition, regularly updated inventory and clear inventory instructions are an essential part of effective inventory management. Proactively offering obsolete inventory of finished products for sale, for example, in sales campaigns, helps to reduce inventory write-downs in earnings.

Benefits of efficient, effective and up-to-date inventory management:

  • Ability to respond to customer demand more flexibly: the right products at the right time
  • Inventory balances remain reasonable
  • Turnaround times are reasonable
  • Inventory rotation is maintained
  • Fewer inventory write-downs
  • Positive effect on working capital
  • Cash is available for other parts of the business instead of tied up in inventory

Greenstep at your service

We help your company create efficient inventory management that ensures both optimal product availability and cost-effectiveness. We analyze the current process and related issues and create a plan to streamline inventory management processes in line with the company’s strategy. Our experts create monitoring methods suitable for your company's inventory management, help to choose the optimal inventory management system for your company's business, if necessary, and ensure that up-to-date information on inventory is available to the business as a whole.

In planning, we take into account the size and future needs of your company. In particular, we will ensure that we pave the way to growth, if that’s part of your company’s future plans, with solutions that are scalable. On the other hand, we will not propose an oversized solution, but just the right one.

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