How Greenstep was able to help Cramo with year-end closing

Cramo Aula

Cramo Group is one of Europe’s leading companies in providing equipment rental services and modular space rental. Cramo has been working together with Greenstep since 2017.

Our strategy is "shape and share" which means that we like to be a role model, shape the industry and also driving the sharing economy, says Sanna Siven, Head of Financial Reporting & Administration at Cramo Group.

- When we started the co-operation with Greenstep, it was first time in 2017 and then we needed a financial controller to help us with the year-end closing and our financial statements. What the current co-operation entails is helping us in financial reporting and preparation of the listing of our division modular space business.

- I think that the Greenstep services the quality is very good. They have very professional resources, very flexible terms regarding the services and also they know the customer´s needs quite well. That is a very good service if you really know what the customer is looking for, Sanna Siven decribes.

She also adds: "I think that the co-operation has generated value is that annual report and also now the project has very tight deadlines, so we haven't been able to meet the deadlines without them. The most important aspect in the co-operation is of course that Greenstep is able to find suitable persons; that they are very professional and also that they really suits to the customer's needs and team. And we can trust that the things will be done, so everything is very good."