Sustainability at Greenstep

· Our sustainability is based on our shared values.

· Code of Conduct represents the core principles of our business. It combines social, environmental and financial responsibility.

· Our mission is to turn our core principles into concrete goals and measurable actions. These are described and opened in more detail in our Sustainability Program that is going to be published later this year.

Our professionals and their wellbeing are vital for us. The social responsibility aspect of our Sustainability Program focuses on the wellbeing, equality and know-how of our entire organization. We, like many others, have conducted employee surveys and an equality plan. However, through our Sustainability Program we aim to set the bar even higher than before and truly challenge ourselves in sustainability.

The environmental responsibility aspect of our Sustainability Program focuses on energy sources and usage, recycling and food waste practices, and sustainable brand merchandising with a circular economy mindset. Additionally, we also strive to decrease our emissions.

Financial responsibility and responsible governance enable us to develop our business sustainably. Strategic sustainability work links sustainability in everything we do: in every business unit, team, office and position.