System Integrations

Integration refers to the interconnection of two or more systems. We believe that leveraging effective integrations between systems is essential in modern reporting. For example, in the case of the monthly accounting and reporting schedule, data transfer must be as real-time and automatic as possible for you to stay on schedule.

Benefits of integrations:

  • Automation - remove the manual work
  • Real-time
  • Effortlessness
  • Accuracy – minimizing the possibility of human error

The purpose of system integration is to move data from the source system in a planned and automatic manner, either to another system, data warehouse or directly to a reporting engine. In connection with reporting, we often recommend building integrations so that the data is transferred to the data warehouse in between, as it enables e.g. designing a scalable reporting system and making more complex visualizations. In practice, such integration could be the interconnection of sales, accounting and cash systems, giving the user a comprehensive picture of the financial situation on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Properly constructed system integrations make it much easier and more accurate for the user to predict, for example, sales trends and resource needs.

In addition to integrations related to reporting solutions, we have also implemented direct integrations between different systems. A good example of this is the automated transfer of daily sales from PayPal to the accounting system Netvisor. Such system integrations are very convenient, as it saves the accountant's time and frees up time for other tasks.

The integrations we build are always of very high quality and are designed to be dynamic in case of possible changes. Integrations are implemented using either the ETL or ELT process, depending on the environment and available technologies. We take advantage of modern cloud service solutions (e.g. Microsoft Azure and the Power Platform product family) as well as powerful and dynamic programming languages (e.g. Python & R).

At Greenstep, we have already made high-quality integrations between well over a hundred systems:

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