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Maximize NetSuite setup to support your company's success story

We help you grow through clarity and unleash the full potential of NetSuite. Partner with us to streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and drive sustainable growth. Let us guide you to success with innovative NetSuite implementations and dedicated support.

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NetSuite scales your business, we boost your efficiency

In today's competitive landscape, efficiency is not just a goal but a necessity for sustainable growth. NetSuite stands out as a powerful tool that scales alongside your business needs, providing robust solutions to streamline operations and maximize productivity.

NetSuite is a globally operating cloud-based ERP that is particularly well-suited to growing companies and companies with international operations. It scales effortlessly to over 160 different countries. One of the significant advantages of NetSuite is it's robust connections to reporting platforms, allowing your entire organization to access and utilize the data for informed decision-making

NetSuite combines the entire business on a single platform, effectively clarifying processes. It assists in many of the challenges of a growing and internationalizing business. NetSuite automates many processes, reduces the number of systems in use, improves customer relationship management and data-driven sales forecasting.

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Continuous support: from implementation to expansion

We have successfully deployed hundreds of NetSuite environments within a variety of industries and countries. We support you in the use and implementation of the software as well as in developing your business. We act as a strategic partner for your business and build the ERP into an efficient and user-friendly entity.

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Greenstep - a diverse range of expertise to support your business all sides

At Greenstep, the NetSuite deployment teams consist of experienced NetSuite consultants, finance, HR, analytics, and integration specialists. This way NetSuite can be built to support the business now and in the future. We provide our customers with comprehensive end-to-end solutions, from the NetSuite implementation to iterative improvements and support services.

NetSuite in a nutshell

Combines your entire business into one platform

Scales agilely with you to over 160 countries

Clarifies your processes

Automates manual processes

Growth with NetSuite and comprehensive service

  • Expand anywhere with the support of a global ERP

NetSuite is one fully integrated solution including CRM, ERP, Accounting, E-commerce, and a whole lot more. NetSuite is always built to fit the customer, and Greenstep offers experienced experts to build and support the global business. We also offer you a flexible team to help you with those financial tasks that you want to outsource.

    • NetSuite gives you visibility like never before

    You can create very robust dashboards and reports in real-time from anywhere at any time, you can get them on your mobile devices, and they're all customizable. NetSuite is 100% cloud-based, and there is no software to install, no hardware to install, nothing to replace or maintain.

      • We build NetSuite to support your business

      Every company has something that is unique about them. Whether it be in their inventory, sales, or purchasing department, this is where we can use the platform-tools to build NetSuite around what is unique about the clients' business. You can modify screens to be as simple or complex as you want. Where that's not enough, you can roll up your own databases, and from those databases, you can create your own screens. Read more about NetSuite discovery and implementation.