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Greenstep Oulu

A financial partner in Oulu, who will help your business to grow! We strive for a cost-effective, hassle free financial management with excellent customer service.

Rely on Greenstep in case of any business need

These have been the key features of Greenstep since the establishment of the company. Today we have offices in six different locations in Finland and one in Tallinn. Over 1400 companies have chosen our high-quality comprehensive financial services. We have served them with passion, attitude and expertise since 2010, and we are now ready to help your business in the best possible way!

We at Greenstep are convinced that entrepreneurs will lead the Oulu region towards growth. We want to be involved and support this by ensuring that entrepreneurs make sound economic investments. Oulu has about 200 000 inhabitants of which every 22nd person is an entrepreneur. We know we can not help everyone, but we want to support growth companies and SMEs that are ready to take risks and create jobs. It is difficult to estimate how many growth companies there are in the Oulu region, but at least we know that most of the growth companies need capital to fund their cash flows. We also know that the companies that received funding is a fraction of the companies in Oulu. Approximately 2% (145 companies) of the companies in the Oulu region received development support from Tekes in year 2015.

Investors (public and private) often require detailed forecasts and reports. These may seem difficult at first, but brings benefits that give clarity to the business. The companies that receive funding must be able to forecast and plan carefully what the money will be used for. By making scenario analyses and cash flow calculations, companies and entrepreneurs manage their business in the right direction with financial clarity. This is how Greenstep will help Oulu and Finland towards growth.

Not just traditional bookkeeping office

Our goal is to support our customer by providing high-quality services with modern software as Netvisor, NetSuite, Procountor and Dynamics Business Central 365. We want to offer companies the finance department they deserve and facilitate the work. Our strategy is customer driven and interactive, and we can promise outstanding customer service to all our customers. If your company is in need of accounting, CFO, and consulting services, we have the expertise to help you.

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