Greenstep donates 200 000 EUR to aid Ukraine

At Greenstep, we have wanted to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian people as much as possible. The situation in Ukraine is appalling: many people have lost their loved ones, their homes.

As a family company, we care for the families of others. We feel a great desire to help when thinking of the Ukrainian families amid the crisis. Greenstep and the people of Greenstep have this far helped them by participating in two relief missions, which provided much-needed protective equipment, drones, medical supplies, and food to Ukraine.

Now we feel that this is not enough. The crisis has dragged on, and as the war continues, so must our support. We at Greenstep have decided to donate 200 000 euros to aid Ukraine. The donation will go through the Finnish Red Cross and Unicef, through which the aid is channeled to those who need it most. Our hearts stand with Ukraine.