Greenstep´s first sustainability report is now published!

Vastuullinen Sijoittaminen
Ella tanskanen

Ella Tanskanen

Head of Sustainability Services

Sustainability is an essential part of Greenstep´s DNA. We want to be a responsible employer and a strategic partner.

The report includes our sustainability progress´ definitions and information about how we manage Greenstep sustainably. Sustainability Officer Ella Tanskanen is responsible of our sustainability services and the strategic development of Greenstep's own sustainability.

Read Greenstep´s sustainability report here!

We wish to produce as much good as we can by turning our thoughts into actions. The focal points of Greenstep’s sustainability efforts are:

  • Economic sustainability and governance
  • A healthy and equal working community
  • High-quality competence development
  • Environmentally sustainable choices

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