Finance Project Manager

Financial management systems should be refreshed or upgraded, but the project is not progressing as expected? Greenstep's experienced project managers can help your company finish projects on schedule and get the best return on investment!

Projects that are critical for the organization’s success should be implemented under the leadership of an experienced and motivated project manager. A poorly executed financial management project often leads to more complex and inefficient processes that do not add value to the company. Greenstep provides skilled and experienced project managers for both large and small companies who need support to carry out development projects efficiently on schedule without unexpected budget overruns. We are committed to help at every stage of a project, from careful planning through effective implementation to the desired outcome. Not forgetting up-to-date and transparent reporting on project progress.

Successful project management

From defining goals to a clear project plan

Greenstep helps your company identify financial management development needs and create short- and long-term development plans. Greenstep's starting point is to understand the company's operative environment and strategic goals. We want to create more flexible financial management that is suitable for your company's culture.

Once the goals are clear to everyone, it will be easier to define projects based on the development plan, which will then be taken forward according to jointly agreed priorities. Greenstep helps to create an optimal budget for the project considering the resources required. We will also create indicators to measure success. A detailed plan of the tasks as well as the schedule is created for the project. At this stage, our experts will also help identify the risks associated with the project and ensure that they are monitored regularly.

Effective project management

Greenstep’s experienced project managers drive the project forward systematically and effectively to avoid time-consuming inefficiencies and lack of coordination. Project team members are assigned to the right tasks, considering the strengths of the team members. Ensuring up-to-date and open communication with all parties is critical to the success of a project. Our project managers actively monitor the project against set success indicators to ensure quality and on-time delivery, as well as to effectively identify potential risks.

No project can succeed without effective change management. Greenstep’s project manager ensures that staff are committed to new processes and understand the benefits they bring. Above all, Greenstep’s project manager manages in practice and not just in presentation slides. Greenstep’s long and comprehensive experience in financial management also helps ensure that new systems and processes produce just the right information for both internal and external accounting needs. The information will also meet the requirements of auditors.

If your company’s financial management resources are already working at full capacity or you want an experienced external expert to join the project, then Greenstep can also provide additional expert resources to the project. In complex development projects, external support often helps to bring in new ideas to improve processes.

Project completion

Once a project has been completed and met the objectives set for it, it is important to assess whether the project was successful. Success must be judged in terms of quality, schedule, and staying within budget. Constructive and open feedback from all parties will also help identify ideas for further development and enhance work on future projects. Greenstep’s project manager produces a comprehensive final report on the project, including an assessment of the project implementation, and lists future development needs.

There are always areas for improvement in financial management. Please contact us so together we can make it better step by step!