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Learning & Development Trends 2023

Dive into the world of L&D!

Effective Learning & Development (L&D) is crucial to an organization's success. Knowledge is a competitive advantage. It will not develop without a skilled workforce. At the same time, employees want to develop themselves and when choosing their employer, they want to ensure that this is a priority.

Great L&D helps individuals and companies grow.

That is why we have gathered an L&D industry trend guide.📗

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Most important L&D Trends in 2023

The L&D Guide 2023 is your concise overview of the current Learning & Development field. You will get the insight of our L&D professionals on topics such as:

  • The key L&D trends this year
  • How to develop L&D within your organisation

A free L&D guide

Tips for developing L&D

Top trends within L&D

Trending learning methods

Benefits of L&D

What is Learning & Development?

L&D is not just about training sessions, and it's certainly not about sending staff members one by one to training sessions outside the organisation. L&D is about building continuous learning opportunities inside the organisation, as part of everyday activities.

It is training, workshops and mentoring structures. It is job rotation, coaching and sparring with a colleague. It is case-based training in real-life situations and various processes and structures built for networking and knowledge sharing. It is data from different systems and its use, as well as competence management, for example through the use of a Learning Management System (LMS). It is the day-to-day work of developing the skills of individual staff members and the performance of the organisation.

Much of L&D work is about supporting management, planning effective L&D activities and implementing learning into the everyday life of the organisation.

Current training topics