Training for HR Specialists

Businesses are constantly renewed. The question is, are your HR Experts ready for the updates and changes needed for success?

Greenstep Academy provides high-quality HR specialist training and coaching for organizations. We want to enable and help HR specialists to build competitiveness for the company and develop their careers with expertise.

HR specialists are required to constantly update their knowledge due to the legislation and surrounding world imposing new demands on companies. Does your company have more than twenty employees or have you yet developed common rules for continuing remote work after the Corona pandemic? These are typical situations where it is time to update the skills of the HR specialists.

The right employee training tailored for your needs

Greenstep Academy’s training is tailored to your needs, it includes exactly the topics you need expertise in, and it is organized on a schedule that is the most suitable for you. By training experts, we want to support companies to achieve the needed expertise and to build sustainable and responsible growth. Our training and coaching are implemented using modern methods in modern learning environments. We believe in learning by the realization and doing it ourselves, which is why our training and coaching include hands-on case studies and participatory collaboration techniques. We offer training as contact and distance learning, according to the client’s wishes.

Examples of the training we provide:

  • Change management
  • Challenging supervisor situations
  • Collaborative procedure from the perspective of HR specialists
  • Sparring workshop of HR processes
  • Implementation of competence management
  • Supervisor training
  • What should every team leader understand about legal matters?

Would you like to ask more about the training we offer?

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