Training services for the management

Is your management team being renewed or do you need personal assistance in running leadership coaching?

Greenstep Academy offers high-quality training and coaching services for company management. We want to help your company grow by building the training in the fields that our customers wished for the most.

Our training and coaching support the management in decision making by providing information about the basics in decision making and the ability to successfully lead and guide our own organization in different situations. Our training is executed with modern methods in modern learning environments.

We believe in practical learning methods by realizing and doing it yourself through concrete examples, which also allows the learning to become more practical through case studies and collaboration techniques for the participants. The training services are done in a collaboration with the customer and a pedagogically qualified interdisciplinary team of experts. Our service is constructed accordingly to customer needs, may that be close studies, distant studies, or a mix of both.

When is training actually really needed?

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Examples of the training we provide:

  • Management team development
  • Team leader training program
  • Key figures as a management tool
  • Go Global! – The keys to success in internationalizing a company

Would you like to ask more about the training we offer?

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