Strategic HR

Culture and strategy supporting each other

We believe that culture eats strategy for breakfast but what does this mean in everyday business? How do we ensure that culture and strategy support each other?

Strategic HR refers to the operations, processes, leadership and management practices and communication through which strategy is achieved. In other words, strategic HR means building and developing organisational culture.

Examples of how we can help to build shared practices:

To be able to develop or lead a culture, the culture needs to be identified and defined. Our HR consultants at Greenstep have comprehensive experience from both identifying and developing organisational cultures and can thus provide valuable third-party support for the management and employees. Identifying, developing or changing culture as an outsider is impossible but we can facilitate the process and offer new, modern ways of working, HR and leadership models as well as practices and management tools to enable success.

We can implement strategic HR and culture development projects for growth companies of different sizes and industries.

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