Do you have leaders and employees in your company that you want to hold on to?

With a share or option-based incentive scheme, you can engage and reward your employees, leaders or partners. At the same time, the objectives of employees, management and owners become more aligned. You'll become more able to hold on to the key people, valuable to your business.

How to choose and implement the right incentive scheme for your company?

Share- and option-based incentive schemes are not suitable for all situations and companies. Together with an incentive expert, you will find the right solution for your company.

You get full support and the best expertise for implementing an incentive scheme from Greenstep.

  • We will work with you to design the incentive scheme that is right for you
  • If necessary, we will ensure that it works for tax purposes by giving you a preliminary ruling
  • We will draw up the company law documents, the shareholders' agreement and any other necessary agreements, check the articles of association against the scheme and, if necessary, draw up amendments
  • We take care of the registration in the Trade Register