Clarify the ground rules between the company's owners

The shareholders' agreement establishes a common understanding of the practices that are essential to the operation and management of the company. It is important to have an agreement in place, for example, in the event of a change of ownership, and also to prepare for potential disputes.

It is a free-form agreement that can cover topics such as profit distribution, financing, decision-making, sale and transfer of shares, etc. As the agreement is unique to each company, the support of an expert is essential in drafting the agreement.

Why draw up a shareholders' agreement?

A shareholders' agreement can be an invaluable tool if the life circumstances of the company's owners change or if conflicts need to be resolved. There is no need to revisit the shareholders' agreement as long as everything is going well, but in the event of a dispute, it is rare that things are agreed in good faith. A shareholders' agreement or an amendment to it is also often needed if new shareholders are admitted to the company.

An incorrect or poorly drafted shareholders' agreement can be a major business and financial risk for the company. Worse still, it is not drafting a shareholders' agreement at all and just relying on a friend's handshake.

Our experienced lawyers will tailor a suitable shareholders' agreement for your company with solid professionalism.

A quality shareholders' agreement will serve your interest in the long run

We produce shareholders' agreements as a service package. The service typically consists of the following steps:

  • an initial interview
  • preparation of a draft shareholders' agreement
  • drafting phase, including a preliminary agreement, editing rounds
  • finalisation and signature of the agreement

In the kick-off meeting, we identify the will and objectives of all shareholders with regard to the shareholders' agreement. On this basis, we start drafting the shareholders' agreement and prepare a draft. The draft is discussed and taken forward with the shareholders in a round of comments and editing. Once the round is completed to the satisfaction of the parties, the agreement will be finalised and signed. During this process, it is often necessary to amend the articles of association, and here our experts will also be there to support you in finding the best possible solution.