Interim Group Financial Controller

A development-oriented interim expert to drive financial management forward in your organisation.

Do you need an expert for group reporting? Is your Group Controller leaving for an extended leave of absence?

Whatever your situation, our Interim services provide a professional rental expert to solve your external accounting challenges and carry out the reporting work. Interim Group Controller is a truly flexible solution, providing you with a specialist resource quickly and for the time you need.

The Interim Group Financial Controller service provides a high quality and reliable solution for companies that need to get their financial management under control and improve their business performance.

Our group accounting experts and IFRS specialists will address a range of group accounting issues, contribute to the development of reporting, design and implement system changes and adapt work processes to improve quality and efficiency.

The Interim Group Controller supports rapid and profitable growth and the implementation of strategic financial initiatives. They may take responsibility for group consolidation, financial statements and interim reports. In the long term, the Interim Group Controller can, for example, develop financial management processes and support in the selection of tools.

How can the Interim Group Controller help you?

Typically, an Interim Group Controller is called upon when an in-house expert goes on leave, moves to an in-house project or leaves the company altogether, and recruitment is not fast enough to fill the skills gap. Whatever the exact situation, the point is that the company needs someone who can take over the tasks of an in-house expert or act as a substitute. An interim expert is an excellent solution to this situation.

An interim expert is used to jumping into ongoing projects and even established teams. The key is that the Interim Group Controller brings their own expertise to the table and seamlessly carries out the agreed terms of reference. Not to forget the developmental approach, of course, as the Interim Group Controller brings with them the knowledge gained from their previous experience and interim assignments.

Our customers who use our interim services have thanked us for the extensive expertise they have at their disposal. It is not just the expertise of one interim expert that is available. Our way of working is to put the skills of the whole team at the disposal of our clients.