Public Financing Consulting

Greenstep supports the growth of its customers by offering its expertise in selecting a suitable public funding source and seeking funding. Public application processes can be perceived as time consuming and complex, but with the help of our experts, the funding application process and related reporting are handled effortlessly.

Public money can be applied for, for example, business development, strategic planning, management development or product development. Our experts have been working with public financiers for a long time, so we can tell you what kind of financing your company would benefit from.

Utilizing the expertise of a financial management professional helps to obtain a positive financing decision. In addition to making the application, our experts can represent your company in other matters related to financial management throughout the project. Interim reporting and change situations are handled efficiently and effortlessly. Finally, we act as the auditor's liaison in reviewing the final report.

When choosing the source of public funding, we always first get acquainted with the company's business, ie. the service is tailored to the customer's needs. We take over the financing process, allowing the customer to focus on business development.

The service may include, for example:

  • Familiarity with the company's business and financial structure
  • Finding the most suitable financial institution and making a financial plan
  • Making an application together with the company's management
  • Reporting in situations of change, as well as interim and final reports to the funding body
  • Instruction in project accounting
  • Acting as the auditor's liaison

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