Startup financing

Every experienced entrepreneur knows that looking for funding is a challenging process. Creating the company’s business plan alone is challenging, and it is only the start. When a suitable investor is found, there is most likely only one chance to present the vision of the business. It is hence worth making sure that the financial plans are up to date.

Startup funding include a variety of ways to fund startups, such as the entrepreneur's own money, angel investors, Business Finland, VC, Centre for Economics Development, as well as other donor organisations.

Greenstep can participate in the negotiations with the investors and Business Finland, where the company's situation will be reviewed. This type of consulting will increase the customer's chance to get funding, because our external expert will make sure nothing is left out from the application.

Greenstep can help to organise and find startup funding by, among other things:

  • Estimating the future need for funding, after forecasting and analysing the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow of the company.
  • Mapping the different alternatives for funding, from government support to private business angels, and by planning a suitable funding structure and –plan.
  • Compiling the application or presentation needed to get funding.

Benefits of our startup financing service:

  • A chance to find the right, suitable form of funding for the company.
  • With the help of an expert, the company can enhance the chances of getting funded.
  • Frees the management’s resources for focus on the core business.