Coaching for Project Management

Within working life, regardless of the industry, there has been an increasing shift to project work. The professional implementation of projects and ventures is the selling point for companies that directly affects resale. This training is intended for the operational management of the company and the persons performing the duties of the project manager.

During this training, you will be better equipped to lead projects and provide company management with a clearer, analytical picture of your projects.

The theme of the training is covered through practical examples. Our trainers are a long line of project professionals who have led projects in many different industries from services to system deployments.

The aim of the training is to:

  • Create an overall picture of project management
  • Provide the ability to utilize a variety of models to structure your company's projects and ventures. During the training, the main areas of project management are covered, such as projects as tools, project organization, and model design, responsibilities and authority, as well as cost and schedule construction

An example of the project management training

Part 1. Project management

  • The aim of the coaching is to create an overall picture of project management.
  • The coaching covers the main areas of an organization’s project management, which can be projected as tools, project organization, and model design, defining responsibilities and authorities, as well as building costs and schedules.

Part 2. Project Possession

  • The goal of the coaching is to produce the ability to utilize the technical solutions used by the organization.
  • During the coaching, the project schedule is discussed in accordance with the set goals, directing and supporting the work of the steering groups and management teams, risk mapping and impact assessment, and project monitoring and reporting.

Part 3. Project staff and client encounter

  • The goal of the coaching is to create an understanding of the principles of project management communication and effective change management practices. In addition, the goal is to provide the capacity to act as a project manager and to manage project staff and stakeholders in accordance with good practice.

Part 4. The project management model into daily operations

  • The aim of the coaching is to increase the knowledge of the entire staff about the main features of the project management and management of the organization, to build an understanding of all the members of the organization about project management and management methods suitable for the operation and culture.

Education that helps your team excel in any project

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The training can be organized as contact or distance learning.

The exact content of the training program is optimized for the demands and objectives of the company on a customer-to-customer basis.