Starting a business in Finland

Are you planning on setting up a business or subsidiary in Finland? We take care of the whole set-up process for you.

Greenstep assists you in planning and implementing your business start-up. The service is especially aimed at foreign companies setting up subsidiaries in Finland. We also assist in setting up companies in Estonia and Sweden.

Setting up a limited liability company as a service

When you engage Greenstep's experts to support you in setting up your company, you know that the incorporation process will be taken care of. We can advise you on company formation and company tax registration.

We can also provide you with the necessary company law documents. These include:

  • the company memorandum
  • articles of association
  • minutes of the board meeting

All businesses in Finland must be enrolled in the Finnish Trade Register. We will take care of the necessary notifications and registrations to the Trade Register and the Tax Administration on your behalf.

Opening a branch in Finland as a service

Greenstep assists you in planning and implementing the establishment of a branch in Finland. The service is aimed at our foreign clients who want to set up a branch in Finland.

We take care of the whole process and advise you on all questions related to setting up a branch. The service also includes:

  • advice on tax registration of the branch
  • Preparation and/or compilation of the necessary corporate documents.
  • Decision on the establishment of the branch.
  • Decision on the appointment of a representative
  • decision to grant the right to register the name of the branch
  • notifications and registrations with the Trade Register and the Tax Administration

We offer company formation services on a case-by-case basis for different types of clients. Contact us and we will design a service package to suit your company's needs!