Webinar: Become multicultural and attract more teammates,
March 25th at 12:00 (UTC+2)

Welcome to learn how to recruit people from abroad and build successful multicultural teams and organizations!

Finland needs competences and talent from abroad more than ever before. Heli Häyrynen and Kati Tuovinen will discuss about the best practices and lessons learnt during journeys in building successful multicultural teams and organizations. We have invited two foreign guests, HR Business Partner and HR and Business management professional , to this webinar. They both have decided to move to Finland due to interesting job opportunities. Now they will share their stories and lessons learnt.

We will tackle questions and topics like

  • What kind of companies strive to recruit from abroad?
  • What to decide and why before the recruitment starts?
  • How to recruit from abroad?
  • What to consider when planning organizational design while building multicultural teams?
  • What are the key elements in successful recruitment?
  • What are the best practices in on-boarding and induction?
  • Why do people want to move to Finland?
  • How can we attract people better to look for a job in Finland?

To be successful in building a multicultural organization, you need to shine in building great employee experience and candidate experience.

Date and time:
Thursday, 25 March 2021 at 12:00-13:00 (UTC+2)

Webinar is free of charge.
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