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Part-time or interim Controller/CFO

CFO on parental leave? Recruiting a new controller has delayed, but budgeting should be completed? Do you only need a part-time CFO? Our CFO experts will be at your service quickly and flexibly!

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Our interim CFO's are here to help you whenever you need them

There are many situations where hiring an interim CFO or an outsourced controller is an excellent solution.

For example, an Interim Controller/CFO temporarily jumps into a company to help them when one of the company’s own controllers or its CFO is temporarily unavailable. An interim controller/CFO will then quickly familiarise themselves with the company and its processes in order to be able to suit the needs of the company until the company has managed to employ a replacement.

A part-time Controller/CFO is a good choice when there is not yet a need for a full-time Controller/CFO. This means that the company will access a professional controller/CFO for a prearranged time, for example a couple of days each month. Small and mid-sized companies whom do not need a full time controller/CFO might also purchase the service for a few days per week or month.

When you are in need of a group reporting specialist, or your Group Controller is taking an extended leave of absence, our Interim Group Financial Controllers are here to help. Or are you in a situation where your financial management development project does not have enough free hands and is not progressing as expected? Greenstep's experienced project managers will help your company to deliver projects on time and get the best possible return on your investment.

    Our Interim service is a truly flexible solution, providing you with an expert resource quickly and at just the time you need. Interim CFOs are used to jumping on board ongoing projects and even established teams. The key is that the expert brings their own expertise to the table and seamlessly integrates the agreed terms of reference into the client's day-to-day business. Of course, not forgetting the developmental approach, our interim experts have the know-how they have accumulated from their previous experience and interim assignments.