Part-time Controller/CFO

A part-time controller or CFO is involved in helping companies that do not need a full-time financial management employee.

Greenstep provides the client access to a professional CFO for an agreed period of time or for the time being, working a few days a month at the client company.

The Controller service includes everything that controllers normally do in companies, such as the development of financial models, forecasts, budgeting, and the reporting to management, the Board of Directors and other stakeholders. In addition to this, we also help with occasional projects, such as the company's financing round, and we advise on applying for public funding.

The CFO is responsible for the company's financial management to the desired extent, acts as a partner in the company's management and supports the company's business and strategic guidance from a financial point of view. CFO also regularly analyzes and reports on the company's financial situation to the company's management, participates in setting financial goals, advises the company's management on financial matters, and is also responsible for other services of the CFO as agreed. Other services of the CFO may include, for example, process development, financing and assisting with projects related to the merger or division of the company.

The “part-time CFO” service is especially suitable for growth companies that do not have a well-established need for a full-time financial management professional. In addition, the purchasing service is easier and more secure in terms of resources in connection with the company's start-up / growth company's financial challenges. Growth companies often take advantage of a part-time CFO in the Seed and Series A phases, but move to in-house resourcing after the Series B round.


  • A professional controller/CFO creates a strong base for the business and the sustainable growth of the company.
  • The company will get access to professional, high quality CFO-services at a cost-effective rate.
  • Frees the management’s resources, so that they can focus on the core business and its development.