International network provides support wherever business takes you


MSI Global Alliance is one of the world's leading networks of international independent legal and financial management firms. Greenstep is the only financial management company in Finland and Sweden accredited to the MSI network. What are the benefits of having the support of such a network for a company planning to go global?

Doing business across international borders requires detailed knowledge of local laws, taxes, and customs. In addition, companies need experience, skills, and resources to support international business activities.

This is where the MSI Global Alliance comes in. Alliance members ensure that their customers are always supported by reliable local expertise, whether the target country is across the border or across the world.

Seamless collaboration across borders

MSI Global Alliance was established in 1990 to provide cross-border expertise to international and internationalizing companies. The network is one of the largest in the world, with more than 250 independent financial management, payroll, tax and legal services member firms from over 100 countries. They employ more than 15,000 top professionals and have a combined turnover of more than € 1.75 billion.

One of the network's greatest advantages is that its members have known each other for years and have worked together countless times, making the service efficient and seamless around the world. In addition, members of the network have been carefully selected and are among the most reputable full-service companies in their service areas.

Global support, local service

One of the key decisions in internationalization is how much of the business will be localized in the target country. From a financial management and accounting perspective, the most important strategic choice is whether to handle accounting locally in the target country or centrally in Finland.

If the accounting is done locally in the target country, MSI Global Alliance will always find a first-class partner to support the subsidiary and provide its local expertise. Alternatively, the entire group's accounting can be handled domestically through a centralized service package. In practice, this service package means that our customers have a single point of contact in Finland, Sweden, Norway or Estonia and we handle all international cooperation on their behalf.

Our proactive financial experts specializing in group accounting, as well as experts from MSI Global member companies, are familiar with the peculiarities of international markets and ensure that international financial management is always as easy as possible for our customers.

Check out the success stories of Kyrö Distillery, Oura and our other global customers, and contact us to discuss your own internationalization opportunities. Ready to go?