Customer service training for the work community

Our customer service training is always planned together with the client. The training is based on the organization’s strategy and values to successfully implement it to the entire work community. The objective of the training is to create a total understanding of the current state of the organization’s customer service, and a common idea of what type of customer service the organization wants to offer.

Does your team have the right knowledge but work in silos?

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An example of the training content:

Module 1. Training day for the supervisors

  • The objective is to create an overall view of the current situation and the goals for the future

Module 2. Supervisor training no. 2

  • The objective is to prepare the work community for a training day and to provide keys to success in leadership

Module 3. Work community training

  • The objective is to increase the staff’s ability to commit and provide for the customer in an organizational way

The training can be divided into suitable modules between supervisors and the entire staff. The methods include kick-offs, pre-assignments, training sessions, and workshops.

The exact content and duration of the training program are optimized for the demands and objectives of the company on a customer-to-customer basis.