The study path of sustainability for the staff

The study path of sustainability participates the staff in the development of the sustainability work.

The participatory study path provides a clear idea of sustainability from the client’s business perspective, objectives, and ethical operating principles using examples. Along the study path, there are exercises that encourage the employee to reflect on the topics of sustainability work through the lens of their own work. The training forms complete data to support the implementation of objectives and measures of the sustainability work. In addition, the client gets an idea of how sustainability is perceived as a subject in the organization: does the topic seem familiar, foreign, or challenging to implement to the everyday work?

It is important to be conscious of the current level of competence and knowledge to develop communication and management in the most effective way. When a participating study path is used in the development of corporate sustainability work, the employees are being genuinely heard in the process.

The study path of sustainability includes:

  • Familiarization with the ethical principles or the development of them together with the employees
  • Objectives and measures of the sustainability work
  • Assignments, videos, and examples
  • Data, that is formed to support the development and reporting of sustainability

Benefits of the study path of sustainability:

  • The ideas and thoughts about sustainability of the staff are considered in the development work
  • Sustainability and its objectives become clear to the staff
  • The sustainability work is modified to resemble the organization and thus becomes credible to the stakeholders
  • The data obtained from the study path helps the client to communicate and manage sustainability in a way that suits their staff