GreenStep Commerce:

Commerce: The interchange of goods or services through business or trade.

GreenStep is helping to build independent economy systems for all it’s members:

  • Trade & Barter system that allows you to obtain any needed goods or services through trade.
  • Co-operatives system to bring it’s members together in such a way that they can sell or trade to other members as well as the ability to offer products and services with special member pricing and incentives.
  • Affiliate Program system which is a special offer GreenStep makes to it’s members to actually help us build our business through Marketing and Sales or become a partner by managing a territory.
  • Managed Membership system where you can buy a 5 year lease on a portion of our Organic Farmer’s Market and either harvest your amazingly nutritious and delicious foods for yourself, or have us sell it for you and give you the monetary value of your portion. It’s amazing!

Through our Commerce division, We are building a stronger economy for all our members by offering savings and money-making opportunities, as well as a place to exchange goods and services!

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GreenStep Life:

GreenStep Life encompasses all that is living, or required to live.

This Life division offers groundbreaking products and services in:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Farming with amazing Gyro Gardens, Vertical Garden, Fossil Fertilizer Nutrients, RaLight Lighting & Fossil Grow Mediums.
  • Clean Water Production with their WaterFarms that literally pull water out of the air and turn it into clean, pure, re-mineralized drinking water.
  • Survival and Preparedness, which offers all of your survival and emergency preparedness products for every need, from tents and first-aid kits to food storage.
  • Wellness offers holistic products and services to help everyone achieve optimal overall health.

GreenStep Life is a phenomenal division of "Life" products to help everyone achieve freedom, independence and security in all their food, water, preparedness and health needs.

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GreenStep Energy:

GreenStep Energy specializes in clean, green energy production for your home or business. They have strategically developed the Equinox System that will provide all the heating, cooling and electric needs for your home or business. With cutting edge products and technologies, the Equinox can be installed in a series of steps or all at once, enabling everyone and every budget the opportunity to move forward in their energy self-sufficiency needs, whether one-step at a time or all at once. GreenStep Energy also offers Energy Services that will help you with getting tax rebates, financing, energy audits, and so much more.

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GreenStep Environmental:

GreenStep Environmental is our Energy Conservation division with products and technologies that will help everyone conserve energy and save money.

These energy conservation technologies can retrofit to most all appliances and products that consume energy. With:

  • Intelligent Motor Controllers that connect to your current appliances and immediately reduce the energy draw and usage.
  • Lighting that will save you dramatic amounts of energy.
  • Intelligent Controls like their Tesla Power-Free Wireless Switches that allow you to eliminate the need for expensive wiring for lighting, HVAC and so much more.
  • Utility Usage Conservation products which we incorporate into our Equinox Systems. Such as their Polair Breeze that is an air conditioning unit that uses 1/20th the energy of a standard central air system.

GreenStep Environmental is dramatically reducing energy usage in homes and business, which is helping improve the conditions of our delicate environment.

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GreenStep Introduction

GreenStep Trade & Barter

GreenStep Equinox Systems

GreenStep's American Dream

Grow Food Without Sunlight?!


 Imagine being able to grow 1/3 acre of fresh produce in your very own home, year round! This amazing Gyro Garden by GreenStep is a self contained growing unit that can do just that. With our patented lights and grow meduim, it is superior to all other indoor growing methods and produces superior product as well. Click here to learn more.

Pull Water From The Air?!

GreenStep's WaterFarm is an atmospheric water generator designed to extract pure, perfect, delicious drinking water straight from the air.  GreenStep's residential WaterFarm is also the most energy efficient water generator available on the market today and is capable of running off solar power. Click here to learn more.


Supercharge Your Garden Organically!

GreenStep's Fossil Nutrient is organic fertilizer that comes from fossilized earth and plants. This fossilized earth offers superior nutrients that are no longer available in the soil today. With granular and liquid nutrients and 19 formulas to choose from, we have amazing organic nutrients to fit your needs. Click here to learn more.

Most Viewed Products

  • RaLight Grow Lamps - RaLight™ The Ultimate Grow Light. Plants "see" light differently than human beings do. As a result, lumens, lux or footcandles should not be used to measure light for plant growth sinc...
  • Fossil Nutrients - Unbelievable Organic Nutrients Fossil (noun): “a remnant or trace of an organism of a past geologic age, such as a skeleton or leaf imprint, embedded and preserved in the earth's crust”...
  • EFL Lamps & Ballasts - New Eternal Fluorescent Lamps GreenStep releases new Eternal Fluorescent Lighting (EFL) items. In addition to the commercial and industrial fixtures and retrofit technologies already released, these...
  • Eternal Flourescent (Induction) - The new patented Eternal Fluorescent Lighting (EFL) technology is essentially a fluorescent lamp without electrodes, cathodes or filaments. With the absence of electrodes, the lamp relies on the funda...
  • InteLED PAR38 - WattSwap™ Technology This proprietary feature allows the flexibility of producing light outputs based on 10 watts, 12 watts or 16 watts, with a simple twist of the band.  This will create l...
  • Intelligent Motor Main - Intelligent Motor Control is fast becoming an 'Industry Standard' as responsible Managers are recognizing, that with the on-going turbulence in energy prices, they cannot leave their motors running i...
  • Flood & Tunnel Lights -  Tunnel Lights
  • Area Lighting -    

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