Accuracy of Accounting

Training within the preparation and analysis of the monthly and annual financial statements.

KPI’s are an incorruptible indicator of the company’s state, but which key figures are relevant, where do the figures come from and how can you review the prepared monthly and annual reporting and financial statements?

This training develops the skills to check the accuracy of the accounts. The training practices how the accounting team checks the financial reports and key figures they produce, as well as assess the accuracy of the accounting. The training uses practical examples which make it easier to understand.

The purpose of the training is to

  • Provide participants with the ability to verify the accuracy of the client’s financial reporting
  • Deepen the participants’ understanding and practical knowledge of analyzing the monthly and annual financial statements they produce and the structure of the key figures

Training content:

  • Where do the figures come from? – Reviewing the basics of the calculation from the most important key figures of the client’s point of view
  • The most important matters for the preparation of the financial statements in terms of accuracy assessment and analysis
  • Understanding accounting and its systematics, to create a reliable control environment for financial reporting
  • Understanding various analyzes and regularities, to significantly help financial reporting
  • Assessment and analysis of the control environment, risk assessment, and production of the analyzed information for financial management

Duration of the training: 1 day (7h incl. breaks)

What is the key of accounting?

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