Training program for the PHT-degree

The PHT-degree of the Finnish Financial Management Association is a prestigious degree within Financial Administration. Completing the degree is beneficial to the employee, and furthermore, the employee and the clients benefit from the professional skills of the accountant.

Our preparatory training program for the PHT degree prepares companies’ entire payroll teams for a prestigious degree in the field. Greenstep Academy’s training is interactive and effective, and it increases the expertise of the whole organization and makes the silent knowledge of the organization visible. Greenstep’s experienced payroll, legal, taxation, and training professionals are responsible for the execution and the quality of the training.

Our PHT degree training program covers all the key topics related to the PHT examination. Our training is designed regarding the exam’s requirements, and the prepared exercises correspond to the PHT examination’s degree of difficulty. The training is interactive and through active participation, the participants can affect the content of the training. The complete training material will be shared with the participants after the training.

An example of the training content:

Module 1. PHT exam in practice

Module 2. Collective agreements of labor, labor law, and labor market

Module 3. Review of homework

Module 4. Employment Relations Act, Working Hours Act, and Annual Leave Act

Module 5. Review of homework

Module 6. Pensions and social insurance

Module 7. Review of homework

Module 8. Working and taxation abroad

Module 9. Review of homework

Module 10. Exercise exam and the review of it

The training includes, for example, pre-training assignments, lectures, individual and group exercises, and an exercise examination. Assignments, exercises, and the practice exam are reviewed in joint meetings with the other participants.

The exact content and duration of the training program are optimized for the needs and objectives of the company on a customer-to-customer basis.