Automation to support work within financial management: Power BI

This training helps you construct effective economic rapports as tools for the financial management. The traditional knowledge within economic management is no longer enough nowadays, instead the information needs to flow within the company. Power BI enables a combination and access of multiple data. It is important to effectively utilize the information that a company produce. Our experience in company management needs as well as our work in financial management gives us a safe starting point to automation and BI reporting training.

Examples of our trainings:

What does automation in financial management mean?

The purpose of the training is:

  • To create proficiency in using Power BI reporting within company management as well as daily use for own work.
  • Coach the participant with knowledge in Power BI as well as the benefits that the service offers

Automation as support for financial management

The purpose of the training is:

  • Coach participant with case examples and exercises to practice and prepare reports
  • Increases participants knowledge with different ways of visualizing and deciding the right type of visualization from case to case
  • Give participants the first practical opportunity to create their own Power BI report

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The exact content and duration of the training program is determined on a customized basis, according to the needs and goals of the organization.

Do you need a useful BI Book reporting instead of a training?

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