Training for Finance Specialists

Businesses are constantly renewed. The question is, are your experts ready for the updates and changes needed for success?

Greenstep Academy provides high-quality Finance and HR Expertise training for organizations. We want to enable and support Finance and HR Experts in building a competitive company with their expertise whilst simultaneously enabling the experts to develop their skills and careers.

By training and coaching our clients' experts, we want to support companies and help them achieve the skills they need to grow sustainably and responsibly. Our training and coaching are carried out by using methods within modern learning environments. We believe in practical learning by letting the participants discover and perform tasks themselves, which is why our way of training and coaching includes hands-on case studies and participatory techniques. We also provide distance training according to the client’s needs.

Examples of the training we provide:

  • Verification of accounting authenticity
  • Change management
  • Customer service and sales
  • Project-based employee management
  • Consolidated financial statements
  • Accounting in NetSuite

Engaging and motivating coaching packages for financial experts

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