HR-guide for the changes affected by coronavirus

The situation in Finland and around the globe is something we have never seen before. Especially business-to-consumer (B2C) companies can be economically very fragile in these circumstances. Many employers are facing the need to reduce employment costs by introducing unpaid leave or redundancies. Even when a company does not need to reduce headcount, the current situation still forces them to adapt and make rearrangements for how work is organized and done remotely. Times like these require good human resources management where timely and successfully executed communications play a crucial role.

Personnel issues has raised lots of questions and our HR-team has answered to the most frequently asked questions regarding personnel. Download the manual for best tips and practices for leadership and changes in this exceptional situation.

In case you need help in for example change leadership, internal communication, layoffs or employee co-operation negotiations, our HR-team is at your service.

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