HR-guide for the changes affected by coronavirus

We made an HR Guide last year and got a lot of positive feedback. As the situation continues to be extraordinary and difficult to most of us, we updated the HR Guide with learnings and good practices, and also included the current labour law requirements if adjustment measures are needed. It’s good to note that the temporary labour law changes are no longer valid. The current situation forces all of us all the time to adapt and make re-arrangements for how work is organized and done remotely. Times like these require good people leadership where timely and successfully executed communications play a crucial role.

Should you need additional support for example for your corona guidelines, occupational health and safety responsibilities, internal communication, lay-offs, or cooperation negotiations, our HR-team is at your service. You can also book a free meeting with HR Consultant to talk more about your specific situation together.

Check out the new version of HR Guide for COVID-19 situation – learnings and good practices! Download the manual for best tips and good practices for remote work, leadership and changes in this exceptional situation.

If you need any assistance, please contact us!

Kati Tuovinen (, tel. 050 306 6770)

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