Internal training programs

Engage talents in your company with the following training program.

We produce and even offer training and advisory services tailored to your needs.

You will increase the value of your company, as well as wanting to recruit, through our customized training program. If needed, we will take care of it all – everything from recruiting potential candidates to staff management and training deduction in the tax return. With high-quality training programs, your competency and competitiveness will strengthen.

Customized training programs allow you to create a suitable schedule and take special needs, ranging from systems to company culture and career paths, into consideration. The organized training programs can be adapted to meet the requirements within finance management, with the help of a professional pedagogically qualified interdisciplinary team of experts.

Do you experience a lack of communication where change is needed?

Examples of the training we provide:

  • Practical programs for Accounting
  • Training programs for HR Trainees
  • Training programs for HR Specialists
  • Team Management Training
  • Training programs for Finance Specialists
  • Training programs for Project Leaders

Can Greenstep Academy implement training for roles in different situations?

Please contact us below to discuss further possibilities!