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Interim experts for your needs

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Interim leader is the answer in change

Are you in need of a turnaround? Changes in staff? Not enough internal resources to implement a critical system project?

✔ Fill the key role temporarily with the expertise of a top interim expert and his/her back office team.

✔ Interim support carries through both change and development projects.

✔ You can contact us for all your interim expert support needs for experience and precision expertise in a cost-effective way. We will advise you and implement a solution that suits your needs.

Business-critical expertise for temporary needs

How our Interim experts have helped companies? This is how.

A solid and skilled leader of change

Change of corporate form, internationalisation of operations, new ownership base. An interim manager is an excellent option for the most critical phase of change. The role is then ready to be transferred to a manager to be recruited within your organisation.

Economic transformation leader

When performance is poor, your own resources are not always enough to turn things around. An interim manager will identify the root causes, make business proposals and help turn the company's finances around.

System project clarifier

Whether the implementation of a new system is related to finance, HR, L&D or any other area of the business, interim-osaaja jumps over the pitfalls to make the implementation and roll-out smooth.

Holder of the vacancy

When recruiting an experienced professional, the process can be lengthy. Holidays and vacations do not stop business. An interim manager or expert not only fills a vacancy for the time it needs, but also develops processes using their extensive experience.

Culture builder

The management culture, and with it the culture of the organisation as a whole, can become outdated. An interim HR specialist has the tools to put both management and other staff development right.


Interim CFO, Controller or Group Controller

Interim HR director, HR manager or HR Specialist

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Interim Sustainability Manager or Specialist

Interim CDO or Data Analyst

Interim Learning & Development Manager or L&D Specialist

From our clients

"We have used Greenstep's interim experts especially in change situations. Greenstep has been instrumental in building our team's success. Our interim HR professionals have helped us succeed in our day-to-day operations. Working together has been a pleasure."

Kaisa Tuuliainen

SVP Human Resources

"Greenstep has made our processes more automated, reliable and scalable for the future. We have been able to truly experience the expert as part of our work community."

Katja Kainulainen

HR Operations Lead

"Greenstep had the situation under control throughout the project. I was confident all along that we would finish on time. The confidence in the quality of the work was built from the very beginning of our journey together. We are now in a position where we can continue to build on our cooperation and joint work – it is very good to continue."

Niklas Wasenius


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"Experience is the key. Greenstep's experts are experienced, which means they can move quickly. They get to know the situation quickly and help you get to grips with things."

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"We never offer the expertise of just one person, but a broad pool of experts. That means not only versatile expertise, but also security - help is not just available from one person."