Sustainability Morning

Sustainability Morning Tuesday 24.8.2021

Welcome to follow our event and hear current topics about Sustainability in Business!

Sustainability is in the core of everything we do at Greenstep. The health and safety of our customers and peers are in our top priorities. Therefore, to our great disappointment, the current Covid-19 situation does not allow us to arrange our Sustainability Morning as a live event. Therefore we have reshaped and shortened the program and the event will be held as webcast only. There will be an opportunity for virtual discussions via chat. At the same time, we sincerely hope that we will have an opportunity to organize live events in the near future.


Sustainability in the current world is a cornerstone of the long-term success of any company. It is an integral part of the corporate strategy, planning and performance measurements of today’s frontrunner companies. Companies that excel in corporate responsibility can turn it into their competitive advantage. This will help them to improve their financial performance and reputation as well as increase the ability to hire the best talent.

First on stage, we will see Fortum’s newly appointed SVP (Corporate Affairs, Safety and Sustainability), Nebahat Albayrak. She will be followed by a seasoned communications and sustainability veteran, Arja Suominen. The final speaker will be a well-known visionary thinker Anssi Vanjoki. In addition, Greenstep’s Sustainability Officer, Ella Tanskanen and Chairman of the Board, Tore Teir will share Greenstep’s journey of sustainability.

Tuesday 24.8.2021 at 9:00 - 11:00 (UTC +3)


  • Opening by Tore Teir
  • Sustainability and the future of business: No Purpose? No Profit! / Nebahat Albayrak
  • Sustainability – the Cornerstone when building Corporate Reputation / Arja Suominen
  • Greenstep’s activities in the Sustainability Field / Ella Tanskanen
  • Role of the Board of Directors in the Corporate Sustainability work / Anssi Vanjoki
  • Chat Q&A and closing

Guest speakers at the event:

Nebahat Albayrak is a Senior Vice President (Corporate Affairs, Safety and Sustainability) and Member of Fortum Executive Management at Fortum. Her unique combination of diplomacy and willpower has led to sustainable solutions in critical areas. During most of her career she has worked in international environments, always leveraging the diversity of cultures and people to drive performance and outcomes.

Arja Suominen is a far-reaching strategic thinker and seasoned communications and sustainability leader. Her previous career includes decades of executive experience in Finnair and Nokia. Arja strongly believes that communications and sustainability are the key activities when driving change and building sustainable future of any company. She is currently dedicating her time on mentoring, coaching and consulting.

Anssi Vanjoki is a visionary and seasoned executive with 45 years experience in global companies and academia. He is currently Individual Multicontributor. Anssi has served as chair and board member in several multinational public companies in Finland and abroad. He has also served as chair and board member in family and SME companies and chair and anchor investor in a number of successful and failed start ups.

We warmly welcome you to the event! There will be an opportunity for virtual discussions via chat. The event is free of charge.

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