Employment Life Cycle

Taking care of the employees is a skill throughout the life cycle of employment.

A smooth employment initiation and termination process increases efficiency and reinforces a good employee experience!

At a pace of growth, internal practices can easily go unrecorded and thus even completely unmanaged. Describing operating models and defining responsible saves time and streamlines operations, which helps both human resource management and employees. Clear and consistent processes ensure an equal treatment that promotes employee engagement

In many cases, the new employee initiation process is well planned, but during the past year, it has experienced a major transition to a virtual environment. An efficient initiation process helps the employee get to work more easily. Even good recruitment can be ruined by poor initiation that leaves the new entrant out of the community or their job roles. In addition to an effective kick-off, the planned orientation process provides an opportunity to engage new employees as long-term members of the community.

Smooth employment start-off process, on the other hand, ensures that a positive employer image is maintained in the future as well. As with successful initiation, the termination process also plays a significant role in the life cycle of the employment relationship. A successful termination process offers the opportunity to make former employees referrals as well as leaves the door open to return later rich with new experiences.

At Greenstep's HR team, we are happy to help customers clarify and streamline operations. Ensure that all material issues are taken into account both at the beginning and at the end of the employment in accordance with the company's needs. In addition to developing the image of the employer and the positive mind of the employees, we together create an operating model for all the tasks, roles and responsibilities related to the beginning and end of the employment relationship.

Well-designed employment lifecycle processes do not significantly increase manual labor. Various personnel management systems, such as Mepco HRM, can automate a lot of HR's manual work, freeing up time for development work instead of typing.

Is your organization’s process for starting and ending an employment relationship in order (knowing who does what, where, and when)?

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