More detailed project monitoring - NomiCam's experiences from BI Book

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NomiCam is a company that provides image quality measurement and tuning services. NomiCam uses BI Book’s Netvisor integration to get more accurate project tracking to support their business.

NomiCam is a company specializing in image quality measurement and tuning services. NomiCam promises to make the best possible image quality. NomiCam employs 16 image experts and has eight different image laboratories. It has implemented more than 300 projects for various clients.

NomiCam switched to using Greenstep's accounting and payroll services 1.5 years ago to develop reporting for more accurate project tracking.

"With Greenstep, we have purposefully developed accounting so that we can closely track the costs and profits of individual projects. Greenstep's payroll and accounting services have been first-class, and we have always been able to be sure that things will be well done," tells Pentti Väänänen, CEO of NomiCam.

More detailed project monitoring with BI Book

The number of NomiCam's projects has grown a lot, and in 2020 alone, they implemented 120 projects. There will be 200 projects this year. As the number of projects grows, the importance of more in-depth project monitoring grows as well.

For example, it was important for NomiCam to understand how much different projects take time relative to price, as each project should produce a certain amount. They also needed a tool to drill deeper into the data to understand why some projects have become more profitable than others. This will enable them to streamline their operations in future projects.

From Greenstep's suggestion, NomiCam started using the BI Book reporting tool to obtain more accurate data to support project monitoring easily. NomiCam utilizes BI Book's Netvisor integration in their project monitoring. With the integration, NomiCam can generate the reports from Netvisor data for various needs, such as project margins.

"We open projects on Netvisor with project numbers, and after that, all hours and invoices are scrolled. With BI Book, we can then find out exactly how much different projects are producing, for example. With BI Book, you can easily see incomes and expenses pre-visualized.", tells Väänänen.

How has BI Book changed NomiCam's reporting?

Before BI Book, NomiCam received a report from their accountant at the end of the month for the past month. Today, BI Book allows NomiCam to have up-to-date reports available on all smart devices at any time. Clear visuals also help them to locate incomplete or incorrect information. Nowadays, Väänänen conveniently grabs the data to present from BI Book without manual work in Excel.

"Netvisor alone provides reportable data only in numbers that are very difficult to read. Using Netvisor alone, reports only show whether activities and projects have been a plus or a minus. BI Book visualizes the data into an easy-to-understand format and automatically organizes customers and projects based on profitability, for example. These kinds of sorting features are great and help you see what's important.", tells Väänänen.

At the moment, Väänänen has been the main user of BI Book for the most part, but he sees that as the company grows, using BI Book would help bring business thinking to the level of the entire organization.

"Our organization is young at the moment but growing all the time. In the future, BI Book could give different project managers a view of their own projects to monitor how those projects are progressing financially. Instead of just seeing if the company made a profit or a loss, BI Book shows what it consisted of."